Asahi Kasei to show new Roica fiber

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Mumbai: Asahi Kasei, specialty Japanese fibre producer will be displaying its latest, unique responsible premium stretch and the new innovations by Roica Eco Smart family of stretch fibre for the modern wardrobe at the Premiere Vision show which to be held from September 19 to 21, 2017 in Paris. Asahi Kasei and the Roica Eco Smart family of responsible stretch innovation has now doubled its commitment to smart sustainability by receiving the Cradle-to-Cradle Innovation Institute’s Gold Level material health certificate.

The Cradle-to-Cradle Innovation Institute’s Gold Level material health certificate is awarded for product ingredients that have been evaluated throughout the supply chain for impacts on human and environmental health, building towards eliminating all toxic and unidentified chemicals for a safe continuous cycle.

At Premiere Vision, Roica is also launching the new Roica Feel Good family of premium stretch that promises a new level of wellbeing performance, with ‘feel-good comfort’ and freshness. The Roica CF yarn delivers an odour-neutralising function that does not wash or wear out.

Key developments in Roica Eco Smart will be displayed in the Smart Library, located on the Smart Square, hall 3 of Première Vision. The first Cradle2Cradle certified lingerie set and tights by Wolford, made with Roica Eco Smart family, have also been selected as responsibly developed item for the Smart Wardrobe.

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