Sunday, June 4, 2023



Late Shri Vinod Sood was connected with the textiles and clothing industry for over 38 yearswith wide exposure to even the official circles. He had developed a passion and Commitment for the textile and clothing industry due to his association as a Textile Journalist.

He was an Executive editor for Newspaper “World Textiles” which later name had changed to “Global Textiles and Apparels” Textiles weekly Newspaper. The Issue has been circulated widely to the discerning industry personnel, government officials and other related Target Audience. It forms an excellent forum for carrying Views and Message to the large segment of local and global players.

He had left the industry after a long, happy and eventful innings of his 38 years. He had rose in position from market correspondent. He had been a friend, philosopher and guide and had continued to remain the same for the young generations.

He had also organized lot of Press Conferences and open up a wider exposure of the problems, requirements and demands for the industry and official circles.