Oritain to use Fingerprint Identification Technology

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New Zealand: Oritain Global, a supply chain specialist is looking to capitalize on the high level of current interest to improve transparency and traceability of cotton supply line for which it plans to implement its ‘fingerprint’ identification technology, currently used in the food, fibre and pharmaceutical industry.

Oritain’s unique identification technology enables the origin of a sample of cotton to be scientifically verified through comparison of the intrinsic properties of the fibre with the agricultural soils in which they were grown. Measuring the natural properties that exist in the fibre, and matching the concentrations of these elements with the claimed soils or origin indicates the different geological and environmental conditions of the source.

These differences are then isolated and used to establish a chemical fingerprint of the sample’s provenance. Samples then claiming to be from that origin can be tested against the firm’s database.

The move comes as the provenence of Indian organic cotton is once again being brought into question.

Oritain claim that as more samples are collected, the identification process continues to improve reliability and accuracy.

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