Rakuten Fits Me launches ‘Fit Match’

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01Mumbai: Rakuten Fits Me has released the first ever fashion and apparel search tool ‘Fit Match’. The tool will enable the retailers to provide a personalised fashion recommendations to the shoppers as per their choice and body size. The Fit Match tool is automatically accessible through the Fit Origin platform which, through a proprietary algorithm, delivers the fit recommendations. The platform uses 30 million customers’ data across the globe.

All a customer needs to do is to create a Fit Origin Profile with the retailers. Once the profile is created, the tool leverages Fit Origin technology to make clothing recommendations. Additionally, the tool will allow users to toggle between product sizes to assess the fit impact across different body areas, allowing for self-tailoring and complete control over personal fit preferences.

The technology will also provide insights to help the brands understand the customer’s requirements more effectively. This will further enable the retailers to reduce product returns, enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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