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Orange O Tec to market Turkish automatic fabric spreader & cutting machine in north & west India

Mumbai: Surat based textile and apparel machinery marketer Orange O Tec Pvt. Ltd, will be marketing cutting machines, pin tables,…

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Mumbai: Surat based textile and apparel machinery marketer Orange O Tec Pvt. Ltd, will be marketing cutting machines, pin tables, software, hanger systems, computerised tables and air tables produced by Serkon Makina, a leading Turkish manufacturer of textile and apparel cutting manufacturing technologies and equipment in the western and northern Indian markets.

Serkon Makina specialises in wide width spreaders for garment sector as well as offers, related software for its customers, both of which are customized as per requirement. To add an icing to the cake, Orange O Tec offers very competitive prices for Serkon technologies, even though they are imported from Turkey.

Among its various offerings is the MH 1, a 3.4 metre wide fully automatic fabric spreader for home textiles, which operates at a spreading speed up to 100 metres/minute and has a spreading height of 0.25 metres with cutting device. The automatic spreader has a table width ranging from 2.8 metres to 3.6 metres with allowed fabric width available from 2.6 metres to 3.4 metres and can handle roll diameter of 0.65 metres.

Additionally, the machine can spread woven and knit fabrics in roll or flat-fold form weighing up to 300 kgs without tension and edges are aligned perfectly, while the cradle feed system tilts for easy fabric roll loading/unloading and eliminates the use of a fabric roll bar.

For apparel producers, the Serkon MC 90 automatic fabric cutter provides the best features of a CNC cutter and cuts at a speed of 100 metre/minute with a cutting height up to 0.09 metres and a cutting width available from 1.6 metres to 2.4 metres, making it viable for wide fabrics used in manufacturing home furnishings.

The MC 90 is integrated with Windows platform and is compatible with all CAD systems and can select the pieces not to be cut and bypass them during cutting and is a very quiet machine with noise level below 80 dBA and is a perfect complement to the MH 1.

Common for all automatic cutters of Serkon Makina, there is a user friendly keypad which controls various machine functions at the cutter.

With a major market share in Bangladesh, Vietnam and Indonesia, all of which are major apparel producers and exporters, Serkon Makina now plans to penetrate the fast growing Indian apparel industry in the western and northern regions through its partnership with Orange O Tec.

“We decided to be marketing partners for Serkon Makina in Northern and Western India after doing due diligence. We found that their products are extremely durable with a focus on quality. Additionally, we have also setup a team of highly trained technicians to provide effective and responsive after-sales service for Serkon Makina technologies,” Mr Aayush Rathi, Director at Orange O Tec Pvt. Ltd said.

“Due to the high quality of the Serkon Makina technologies and excellent service that we will offer, we aim to grab a large slice of the market in the next 2-3 years,” Mr Rathi added.


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